Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Eating Psychology Coaching

Enjoy life to the full

At Brain Reframe, I use a number of techniques – including solution focused hypnotherapy, talking therapy and eating psychology – to help clients overcome a whole range of issues.  Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, emotional or unable to cope, maybe you’re having difficulty sleeping or find yourself eating far too many of the wrong kinds of foods but you can’t stop.

At Brain Reframe, I can help with these personal issues as well as common problems in the work environments, such as anxiety over a job interview or presentation.  I can help you feel calmer, more confident, and at your best.

My services are also for people who feel good, but who want to feel GREAT.

Think different, do different, be different

Whatever your issue, I can help your brain reframe the way you think so that you feel better, think more clearly, gain control back over your life, and create new, more helpful habits for sustainable, long-lasting change.

Please have a look around my site to confirm I’m uniquely placed to address your concerns.

And, of course, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you would like to book some sessions or a Consultation.

I’m here to help!

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