Weight Loss: A Mindset Approach

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Stress less and lighten up!

In this introductory workshop by leading Eating Psychology Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Marcelle Crinean, you’ll learn about a new concept to weight loss using a mindset approach.

This is not about will-power or ‘dieting’. If diets worked, and there was a magic pill or formula that allowed us to lose weight and keep it off, we’d all be doing it.  And we wouldn’t have an ‘obesity epidemic’ where, in the UK, obesity prevalence has risen to 26%, such that 58% of women, 65% of men and 1 in 3 children are now classified as overweight or obese.

Instead, a mindset approach to weightloss includes:

  • Understanding how and why your unwanted cravings and/or eating habits have become hard-wired into your brain
  • Learning how to adjust your thought patterns, break habits and change them permanently for long-lasting, sustainable change
  • Discovering how to break free from binge-eating, emotional eating, over-eating and disordered eating

Take home helpful notes and self-awareness tasks so you can put changes and strategies into practice immediately.

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