Why Diets Don’t Work

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Autumn/Winter 2018 dates announced soon

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Diets don’t work – at least, not in the long term.

* Are you a yo-yo dieter? Constantly on a diet but never able to lose weight permanently?
* Do you pay money every week to a ‘diet-club’ but run out of willpower to ‘stick to your diet’?
* Do you believe willpower and motivation are the only way to lose weight?
* Can you stick to a diet for a limited amount of time and then find yourself overeating, binge-eating, or eating everything you’ve denied yourself for weeks?

If so, this is the workshop for you!

Almost two thirds of us are on a diet to lose weight “all or most of the time”. Of these, many of us achieve some weight loss by trying different diets but often end up in a yo-yo cycle where we start a diet, lose some weight, and then ‘fall off the wagon’. And unfortunately over 98% of people who lose weight on a diet gain the weight back within 2 years, and then some.

The thing is, we’re thinking about weight loss all wrong. Excess weight or fat is a symptom, not the cause. If you lose the weight but don’t address the cause, the weight will come back.

Dr. Marcelle Crinean, owner of Brain Reframe, and a leading Eating Psychology Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist will discuss some of the underlying causes of fat and weight gain, including how stress, lack of sleep and our internal chatterbox affect not only our ability to make good choices, but also severely impact our ability to digest and metabolise our food, leading to overeating, binge-eating, emotional eating and disordered eating.

Rochelle Butler, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and owner of The Personal Training Centre in Oxshott, will also discuss how excess cortisol (our stress hormone) causes us to gain weight, particularly around our middle, and what foods can help us to re-balance our cortisol levels. Learn how your choice of exercise could, in fact, be keeping you fat, and which type of exercise you should be doing.

* A ‘cheat sheet’ to spot thought ‘errors’ that can contribute to cortisol production.
* Overview of a diet and a shopping list of foods to eat that help balance cortisol levels.


£220 – includes materials, handouts, refreshments and lunch


Suitable for both men and women, and young adults over 16.

If you are interested in the Why Diets Don’t Work workshop please submit your details and we will respond to confirm your place.

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